Best Practices for Photovoltaic Irrigation Systems


Irrigation for agricultural applications is an intensive water and electricity-consuming activity.
Most of the current agricultural irrigation systems are powered from the national electric grid
or diesel generators. However, both the increase in the price of this conventional electricity and
the trend to phase-out fossil fuels, has boosted the look for alternatives to power these systems.

Solar photovoltaic irrigation systems appear as a solution due to the decrease of the PV modules
prices in international market, as well as the removal of technological barriers that limited the
power of PV irrigation systems.

The Best Practices Manual for Solar Irrigation Sysems (PVIS) has been developed under SolaQua project, and aims to train installation companies in the best procedures and techniques to design and install solar irrigation systems.

PV irrigation systems (PVIS) are large-power PV irrigation systems, without batteries, and able to work in stand-alone mode. Download the document and become an expert in this technology!