Lecture and visit to Montesusín, Huesca

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On June 20, the SolaQua project organized an event in Huesca, more specifically in the Montesusín Irrigation Community. It was attended by a total of 20 people, of which 15 were irrigators from different communities, as well as technicians from them. After an initial presentation by the organizers, we were able to share the general objectives of the project.

















Luis Narvarte, coordinator of SolaQua and from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, was in charge of guiding the attendees through the different possible configurations of a photovoltaic installation for solar irrigation. Later, Cristina Morante, from Acciona, was responsible for transmitting the characteristics of a PPA contract. After these presentations, we went to see first hand the installation of photovoltaic panels, the pumps supplied with this energy and the frequency inverter room. There was a great deal of interest on the part of the people registered, and we are sure that they took advantage of the visit.

We would like to thank the participants, it is always a pleasure for us to go down to the field and share experiences with the workers who benefit the most from photovoltaic irrigation, for their professional expertise in this respect and for the economic savings it brings to their work.


Irene Buil Moure, technician of the CCRR of Montesusín, tells us first hand the benefits of the installation of photovoltaic irrigation in her Irrigation Community.



Tomás Marcen Sancho, former president of the Montesusín Irrigation Community, tells us the story of the installation of photovoltaic irrigation, with no initial investment and savings from the first minute on the energy bill.



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