Solar irrigation is good for sustainable farming, environment and rural communities

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Solar energy promotes rural development

Solar energy is a driving force in rural development. It is cheaper than the grid, making possible higher incomes for the farmer and boosting the sustainable agri-food sector and its development


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Solar Energy & The Modernization of Agriculture

Its capacity to be installed isolated from the grid allows modernizing the irrigation of remote areas. This will contribute to the development of regions through the technification of their agriculture

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Solar Energy is cheaper than ever

Solar energy is no longer an expensive energy source.
According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, its cost has fallen 82% since 2010. This leads to savings in the cost of electricity for irrigation of up to 60%

PV irrigation systems promote agriculture that is respectful with the environment

it is 100% renewable, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases, and reduces water consumption by up to 30%.


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