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A transition full of business opportunities

More than €20B will be needed in Europe to upgrade the current energy model of irrigation to SI.

Don't miss this investment opportunity and take an active part in the EU's agricultural energy transition.


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Frecuency Converter

PPA contracts for PV irrigation

At SolaQua we are developing a new standard PPA contract for PV irrigation systems

SolaQua Financial Instrument

Our financial instrument groups together photovoltaic irrigation facilities, developing larger investment portfolios

Trade Mission: Morocco

Solar power in Morocco is possible because the country has one of the highest rates of solar insolation among other countries: about 3,000 hours a year of sunshine, but up to 3,600 hours in the desert.

Key #1

Morocco is the only African country to have a power cable link to Europe.
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Frecuency Converter

Financed installation

More than 90% of farmers hesitate to choose solar pumping systems for financing reasons, even if they are completely convinced of their economic relevance in the long term

Why are energy needs expected to increase?

#1 The opening of drip irrigation projects. #2 The implementation of desalination and water transfer projects. #3 The use of energy-intensive conventional resources for water supply. #4 The development of new sanitation activities and wastewater treatment plants.

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