MASLOWATEN: 5 Photovoltaic installations adapted to 5 irrigation needs

3 100% phovoltaic and 2 hybrid demonstrators were installed in 4 countries

MASLOWATEN: 5 Photovoltaic installations adapted to 5 irrigation needs

360 kWp - 100% FV
140 kWp - 100% FV
40 kWp - 100% FV

Hybrid FV - Diesel
Hybrid FV - Grid

Villena, Alicante, Spain

100% Photovoltaic pumping to an elevated pool

This facility has a PV generator of 360 kWp which enables to pump water from a well of 300m depth to a raised pond with a volume of 175,00m³. From this pond, the General User's Community of Alto Vinalopó distributes the water to the different farms by natural pressure.

Alaejos, Valladolid, Spain

Constant-pressure PV pumping system for centre-pivot and sprinkler irrigation

This facility has a PV generator of 160 kWp PV generator and uses an elevated pool to guarantee continuous pressure for both centre-pivot and sprinkler irrigation. The pumping system is installed on a 150 hectares farm devoted to the cultivation of beetroot, which requires about 300,000m³ of water per year.

Uri, Sardinia, Italy

Constant-pressure photovoltaic pumping system for sprinkler irrigation

This pumping system has a 40 kWp photovoltaic generator. The use of automated irrigation systems enables the water needs of a 10-hectare farm devoted to artichoke cultivation to be satisfied. The system consists of three pumps driven by the same photovoltaic generator: two pumps submerged in separate wells, which pump to a pond of 2,000 m³ and a pump to provide pressure to a network of low-pressure sprinklers.

Alter do Chão, Alentejo, Portugal

Hybrid photovoltaic/diesel constant-pressure pumping system

This system has a 140 kWp photovoltaic generator. The hydraulic part of the system is hybridised with a diesel unit to complement the PV system and guarantee constant pressure regardless of solar irradiation conditions. The system is installed on a property of 215 hectares devoted to super-intensive olive cultivation. The land is irrigated by means of a drip system and requires around 300,000 m³ of water per annum. During the irrigation season, 80% of the energy used to drive the system was of photovoltaic origin. It is not possible to use 100% photovoltaic energy as the irrigation network requires irrigation periods of 14 hours per day.

Tamallalt, Marrakesh-Safi, Morocco

Hybrid photovoltaic/electricity grid constant-pressure pumping system

Located in the town of Tamallalt in Morocco, this pumping system has a 120 kWp photovoltaic generator. The electrical part of the system is hybridised to enable it to be driven by electricity from the grid. This hybridisation has the purpose of complementing the photovoltaic system in order to guarantee constant pressure, even at night. The system satisfies the irrigation needs of 230 hectares devoted to intensive olive cultivation. Practically 100% of the energy used at the facility is of photovoltaic origin, as the irrigation network enables to organize shifts of eight hours per day.